XL_Live Episode 3: Jon Baron, Carpenter

xl_Live Episode 3 looks into the career of Jon Baron, Training Coordinator at the Carpenters’ Union Hall Local 93 in Ottawa ON. 

In this episode Jon shares his career pathway, from high school apprentice, to Red Seal Carpenter, and includes insight into his current role as Training Coordinator at CU 93.  He also speaks directly to opportunities that exist for prospective apprentices, or students who may be curious about the skilled trades in general. 

Jon’s story starts with his experience in high school and the programs he seemed naturally drawn to. His passion to create and build started in a cabinetry shop class and that has led to a stable and rewarding career in construction that continues to present a number of potential pathways.  Mr. Baron explained how taking advantage of programs like OYAP,  SHSM and COOP in high school led to valuable experiences and a network of contacts that have played a role in his career today. 

Jon Baron offers valuable guidance on how a student might find employment at the Carpenters’ Union Local 93 and shares knowledge about good work habits, course selection, and his account of how he got to where he is today. He recounted how grateful he was that as an apprentice he was able to get paid to go to school.

Jon Baron’s personal message for students, teachers, and parents:

 “Be inquisitive about what you are learning, take pride in workmanship and know that there are many different career pathways in skilled trades.”  

Jon Baron
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