XL_Live Episode 2: Glen Gower, City Councillor

Photo of Councillor Glen Gower

When asked for advice, Glen Gower’s hopes for students are simple but seem to give a window into his passion and drive:

“Stay curious [and] get involved.” 

Glen Gower

These are two things that continue to move the Carleton University graduate, and current member of Ottawa city council.

If one moment explains why Glen Gower is an elected official it begins at the 19:50 mark of xl_Live – Episode 2.  He endorses reading about new subjects, learning as a way to change how you see the world, and finding ways to help neighbours through fundraising or as a volunteer in your community.

Being a volunteer was always a part of Mr. Gower’s life and is what he credits for his pursuit of a career in public office.  Snow clearance, bus routes, maintenance and other issues are one part of his position that involves reacting and helping residents.  Another side to public office is anticipating the elements that keep the city of Ottawa a vibrant and sustainable place to live. 

The opportunity to make a bigger difference in his community is what eventually encouraged Glen Gower to run for office.  

Councillor Gower has worked as a journalist, business manager, organist for the Ottawa Senators, heritage preservationist and the mind behind tracking gas prices  (just to name a few).  

Innovating new ways to connect with his community in times of physical distancing can pose a challenge.  Glen Gower is facing that challenge with meaningful communication and a full-time commitment to community.  Students can see how innovative approaches to connection and a career can make a difference

Connect with Team Gower via Twitter, social media, community newsprint, phone or email.  https://www.glengower.ca/contact/     @councillorglen on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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