XL_Live Episode 1: ft Terry Dale, Motorsport Hall of Fame Member

Terry Dale at race track

Our newest feature, XL_Live sessions, feature interviews with industry-leading tech and trades figures.

Subjects will range widely, and are designed to bring students, teachers, and community partners together in a distance learning setting.  This is one of many innovative solutions and collaborative actions designed to encourage, and support learning, during the challenges of physical distancing.  

Our featured speaker on Episode 1 of xl_Live, Terry Dale, generously shares a rare inside perspective about what his journey looked like, graduating secondary school and entering the workforce in the automotive industry.  He offers knowledge gained from multiple careers in the Motive Power sector, as a salesperson, Red Seal AST, service manager, business owner, and member of the LAC board of governors. Terry Dale is the Director of CASCAR, has participated in the 24hrs of Lemans, and is enshrined in the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame. 

Thanks again to everyone who participated and made this possible.  Special Thanks to Terry Dale, Director of CASCAR, Red Seal AST and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame inductee.

Feedback, reviews, or stories that come out of the xl_Live sessions can be shared with conor.kehoe(at)ocdsb.ca

Coming Soon: Episode 2 with Ottawa City Councillor, Glen Gower.

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