#GrowingLearners: Plant a seed; watch it grow – #WhatLearningLooksLike

The OCDSB, in partnership with Just Food, Ottawa Good Food Box, The Ottawa Farm School, and the OCDSB Food Network, are planting seeds with our students for #OCDSBLearnAtHome.

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Meet the Ottawa Farm School (@OttawaFarm) farmers/animators: The activity guide along with weekly video releases will help us help our gardens grow. Check back often for updates and new adventures.
#GrowingLearners Video Series: Video #1 – Getting Your Container Garden Started | Ottawa Farm School
#GrowingLearners Video Series #2 – Checking in on Your Container Garden (learn about your crop’s “look fors”, how to build a DIY trellis, and how to keep the critters out of plants)

Garden Guide

How to Garden in Ottawa: the Community Gardening Network of Ottawa has created an easy beginner guide on the basics of gardening in the Ottawa region (in 5 languages). Start with the basics needed to set up a community garden – from soil, composting and seeds to harvesting and preparing for the winter.

CGN Garden Guide – English (pdf, 2.5 MB)
Le guide du jardinier – French (pdf, 2.2 MB)
Guía para huertos – Spanish (pdf, 2.1 MB)
دليل البستن ة – Arabic (pdf 2.4 MB)
渥太华菜园指南 – Mandarin (pdf 2.5 MB)

Backyard Gardening – Part 1 – From the Animators at Ottawa Farm School


(Before Planting):

Growing Chefs! at home garden lessons: Garden Lesson and Talk 1: What is Soil? :
“What is a garden to you?”
Draw or write out what colours, shapes, plants, animals you think of when you think of a garden

(Planting / after planting):

Fresh Roots (BC) – Spring Bingo Card
Fresh Roots (BC) – Exploring Spring Traditions Activity 
Growing Chefs! (BC) – Food Explorer Worksheet
Grow Your Own Food From Scraps #HowTo


If Internet:

Seed Germination Video – Time Lapse
Growing Chefs! (BC)’s video – Lesson 3: What Vegetables Do for Us; and worksheet
  • Read Aloud: Eric Carle’s book The Tiny Seed (gives the concept of what a plant needs to grow)
How To Plant A Small-Space Garden – Emily Hamel, from PARKS CANADA, shows us how “With the right vegetables, you can grow your very own garden in small pots or containers on your windowsill, balcony or porch.”