XL_Live interviews are with industry-leading tech and trades figures.  Subjects will range widely, and are designed to bring students, teachers, and community partners together in curricular-connected distance learning. Each sessions comes with a video, discussion questions, curricular connections, and criteria for evaluation. 

Episode Index

EPISODE 1: Terry Dale and the World of Automotive

EPISODE 2: Glen Gower, City Councillor

EPISODE 3: Jon Baron, Carpenter

EPISODE 4: Kelly Johnson, Pastry Chef

Episode 1

Terry Dale and the world of Automotive Service Technicians (AST)

Our featured speaker on Episode 1 of xl_Live, Terry Dale, generously shares a rare inside perspective about what his journey looked like, graduating secondary school and entering the workforce in the automotive industry.  He offers knowledge gained from multiple careers in the Motive Power sector, as a salesperson, Red Seal AST, service manager, business owner, and member of the LAC board of governors.  Terry Dale is the Director of CASCAR, has participated in the 24hrs of Lemans, and is enshrined in the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame.  Throughout his journey, whether in apprenticeship, business, racing, life, or career, his passion has been the driving force behind his success and that same passion is evident during Episode 1 of our xl_Live series.

When asked about skills pertinent to students trying to get into the AST trade, Mr. Dale explains the lens through which he viewed potential applicants:

“I wasn’t looking for aptitude, I was looking for attitude.”

Terry Dale


Episode 2

Glen Gower, Ottawa City Councillor

When asked for advice, Glen Gower’s hopes for students are simple but seem to give a window into his passion and drive:  

“Stay curious [and] get involved.” 

Glen Gower

These two things continue to move the Carleton University graduate, and current member of Ottawa city council.

If one moment explains why Glen Gower is an elected official it begins at the 19:50 mark of xl_Live – Episode 2.  He endorses reading about new subjects, learning as a way to change how you see the world, and finding ways to help neighbours through fundraising or as a volunteer in your community.


Episode 3

Jon Baron, Training Coordinator, Carpenters’ Union Hall Local 93

In this episode Jon shares his career pathway, from high school apprentice, to Red Seal Carpenter, and includes insight into his current role as Training Coordinator at CU 93.  He also speaks directly to opportunities that exist for prospective apprentices, or students who may be curious about the skilled trades in general. 

“Be inquisitive about what you are learning, take pride in workmanship and know that there are many different career pathways in skilled trades.” 

Jon Baron

Jon’s story starts with his experience in high school and the programs he seemed naturally drawn to. Mr. Baron explains how taking advantage of programs like OYAP,  SHSM and COOP in high school led to valuable experiences and a network of contacts that have played a role in his career today.

Jon Baron


Episode 4

Kelly Johnson, Pastry Chef, Rideau Hall

Kelly Johnson is the assistant pastry chef for the Governor General of Canada.  If you are receiving a Medal of Honour or being inducted into the Order of Canada, you can be assured that Kelly Johnson and the rest of the staff at the kitchens of Rideau Hall have gone to great lengths to make all refreshments and meals enjoyed meet an incredibly high standard of quality.  

Always care…always come in with a smile and a good attitude….always work as hard as you can and don’t be afraid to ask for what you wan

Kelly Johnson

Kelly Johnson, is a graduate of the OCDSB’s South Carleton High School.  Kelly’s experiences as an SHSM student, Coop employee, as a youth apprentice in OYAP, or as a Dual Credit student attending Algonquin College, have led Kelly to great success in the industry and are sure to help anyone with questions about the profession.

Kelly Johnson