“Unaffected”: Hawthorne Students Are Learning Language and Filmmaking at the Same Time

**NOTE** In this edition of the XL Blog, students in the English Literacy Development Program (ELD) at Hawthorne Public School share their story (in progress) of filmmaking as the method of language learning in their transition year from Elementary to Secondary schooling.

ELL students at Hawhorne are making movies. Sharing updates throughout the process.

Part 1: Friday March 12

We are the Unaffected and we are the grade 8 ELD class at Hawthorne public school. We would like to explain to everyone what we are doing. We are making a science fiction movie about aliens who have landed on our planet and theyŕe trying to take over. Cam Jones introduced us to Jesse Card at  Youth Ottawa  and he is teaching us how to do the movie. So far we have our equipment ordered but it has not arrived yet. Last Friday we made our pitch with our electronic press kit. Jesse taught us how to do interviews and he helped us how to make our EPK.

We presented our budget to Cam Jones and he gave us $5k and everyone was so happy. We are currently writing our script. Yesterday we got to meet Jesse in person for the first time and he lent us some equipment.

This is Refaat and Jesse discussing the tripod.

We have also learned how to use stop motion from Susanna Donato.

This is Nurhan and Malik making stop motion clip.

We will keep you posted about our movie. 

By Odai 

From Ms. Kelland, Amer, Refaat, Nurhan, Marwo, Ayni, Yotam, Malik, Masud and Odai

Part  2 Thursday March 25  

We started some filming so that we could practice using the camera. Our class wanted to become comfortable being filmed on camera.  The first filming session was outside. Ayni and Nurhan were the first ones to be on camera. The camera crew: Refaat, Odai and Amer, got the chance to learn more about how to use the camera. We learned how difficult it was to work together and we discovered how hard it is to make a movie (with all the COVID challenges included) It was not easy at the beginning of the movie because we were not sure of the what was going to happen but  now we are ready to film the first few scenes. Today we opened the equipment: the tripod, dolley, and the lights. We spent the afternoon putting together the dolly and tripod.   

Thank you!

By Refaat 

From Amer, Odai, Marwo, Ayni, Malik, Nurhan, Yotam, Masud  

Ayni and Nurhan practicing their lines!

Refaat, Amer, and Malik discussing the upcoming Scene!

Electronic Press Kit (EPK) – “Unaffected” [LINK]

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