#OCDSBLearnAtHome Strategy: Storage Wars, Learn at Home edition

Curious about building inquiry and experiential learning into learning plans and student assignments during #OCDSBLearnAtHome? Mrs. Mott provides a sampling of the many projects her grade 5 class have been working on the past few weeks, including Storage Wars – Learn at Home edition which is a remix of Larissa Aradj’s (@mrsgeekchic) original media project.  Mrs. Mott’s adapted the idea to create a choice board activity where students collect artifacts from #LearnAtHome to share. For this assignment, creating a personal playlist was the most popular activity among students.  In an online classroom discussion, students spoke about how important music has been for their health and wellbeing.

By selecting some student samples, Mrs. Mott’s curated a collection of activities creating a class scrapbook of her students’ experiences, Memories of Learning at Home 2020. This class scrapbook provides offerings around several student activities including: virtual student meetings; what a typical morning looks like for students at home; PSA’s and thank you cards for frontline workers and first responders; creating advertisements for a toy or game; home playlists; virtual tours; and selecting self-care items and reasons for picking them.  A few student responses are provided for each activity to capture student voice, share learning plans and to spark inquiry among educators.

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 Memories of Learning at Home

Copy of assignment

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