Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat: Reconnecting with Anishinabek Traditions and Culture (Part 3)

Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat reconnected with his Anishinabek traditions and culture in a learning experience like no other. #WhatLearningLooksLike

Read the introduction by Derek Brez; and Part 1 by Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat 

Project and Story ByKee’Adyn Pitawanakwat (Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School)

In this, the third installment of Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat’s learning journey as shared by the student himself, Kee’Adyn is in conversation with Derek Brez (OCDSB) reflecting on reconnecting with his community in Manitoba, learning about Anishinabek Traditions and Culture, and how these experiences have shaped him as a learner. 

Part: 1 – “Memegwaas Puagan”: A little person’s pipe

Part: 2 – “Sweat Lodge”

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