Collaboration for OCDSB Educators w/ #OCDSBLearnAtHome

One of the positive outcomes of our current LearnAtHome practice is that it is generating excellent examples of innovation and collaboration across the school district. Educators are seeking ways of collaborating with colleagues to build and share resources.

One strategy that educators can consider is the use of hashtags on social media to share successful learning plans, ask questions, make connections with colleagues, and share resource ideas on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

In order to support collaboration and sharing amongst OCDSB educators, we are encouraging the use of the hashtag #OCDSBLearnAtHome followed by a hashtag that identifies a grade (K-8) or course (9-12) when using social media to facilitate connecting with staff board-wide with similar assignments.  

For example:


#OCDSBLearnAtHome #Gr1 

#OCDSBLearnAtHome #ENG1D

 #OCDSBLearnAtHome #TTJ3C

#OCDSBLearnAtHome #SST

Educators are also encouraged to use the following hashtags to share ideas about how to meet the needs of all learners:  

#OCDSBLearnAtHome #ELL – for tips on meeting the needs of ELL and ESL students

#OCDSBLearnAtHome #Differentiation – for tips on meeting the needs of students with IEPs

#OCDSBLearnAtHome #NoWifi – for tips on meeting the needs of students with no Internet access

While this is completely optional, if you do not currently have a social media account, you may wish to set one up for this purpose.  The Communications Department can help with any specific questions and/or guidelines.

  • For information about how to sign up for Twitter click here
  • For information about how to use hashtags (#) click here.  
  • For information about safety and security while using Twitter click here.

Stay tuned for more information about additional strategies to support collaboration.

Feel free to tag us @OCDSBXL if you have ideas to share.

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