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Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat: Reconnecting with Anishinabek Traditions and Culture (Part 3)

Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat reconnected with his Anishinabek traditions and culture in a learning experience like no other. #WhatLearningLooksLike Read the introduction by Derek Brez; and Part 1 by Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat  Project and Story By: Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat (Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School) In this, the third installment of … Read More

Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat: Reconnecting with Anishinabek Traditions and Culture (Part 2)

Sweat Lodge Read the introduction by Derek Brez; and Part 1 by Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat  Project and Story By: Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat (Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School) A sweat lodge is a very sacred traditional way of helping out the “ spirit, mind and … Read More

#OCDSBTimeCapsule: Student Artefacts

We asked OCDSB students to “Leave an artefact; build a time capsule; share your experience.” And they did. In song.; as spoken word; with images and creations, videos and experiments. … Read More

Kee’Adyn Pitawanakwat: Reconnecting with Anishinabek Traditions and Culture (Part 1)

A little person’s pipe “memegwaas puagan” are created to use and to honor and speak to little people. … Read More

Morgan’s Story: #BellLetsTalk

“Tired”Words by: MorganPerformed by: MorganMusic by: Micco; used with permission.  Contributor: Ruth McKeague and Morgan Bouncing Back (#RHSBouncingBack) is a school-wide initiative at Ridgemont High School aimed at building resilience and wellness into students’ day to day experiences. It promotes a school … Read More

Man plays guitar in circle with a group of students.

Craig Cardiff explores the power of song with Woodroffe HS English Language Learners

English Language Learners at Woodroffe High School were given the opportunity to put their words (in multiple languages!) to music with singer-songwriter, Craig Cardiff.  Cardiff is a Juno-nominated Canadian folk artist who, in addition to recording and touring, runs workshops … Read More

Group of students from Ridgemont pictured in front of the school

Time to Take Action: Ridgemont High School and the National Capital Commission (NCC) #LookOutside

Recently, as part of the larger #RHSBouncingBack initiative, grade 10 and 11 Science students at Ridgemont High School, in partnership with the National Capital Commission (NCC), applied their learning to combat climate change as citizen scientists.  Students and staff alike … Read More

Adults students in a classroom working on a movie.

Environmental Activism & English Language Learning in Adult High School

Students in the Central Orientation Class at Adult HS spent weeks completing an environmental audit for the school.  They were shocked by their findings. This ignited in students a desire to bring school wide awareness to the issue, inform their … Read More

A group of students holding shovels out in nature.

Are you an OCDSB High School Student Interested in Spending Semester 2 in Nature? Learn More…

Before becoming a classroom teacher, Chris Drummond worked as an ecologist, a park naturalist, and an outdoor educator.  His passion for the outdoors and how human beings interact in the ecosystems around Ottawa and beyond led him to develop a … Read More

Students Build Friendship Centre with Knowledge Keepers & Elders at Sir Guy Carleton SS

From the outset the goal at Sir Guy Carleton Secondary School was to transform their Friendship Centre into the welcoming and supportive environment they had envisioned it to be.  Students and staff in collaboration with Knowledge Keepers, Community Elders, and … Read More

Photo of a boy in a red t-shirt sitting on a chair.

From Passion Projects to a Whole New Mind: Making as Learning

When Leslie Mott’s students began imagining passion projects in March there was no way for them, or their teacher, to fully understand where the initial steps would lead: how could a 10-year-old imagine shrinking themselves down to elfin height to … Read More

Red poster with hand drawn pictures of non perishable food items.

Solutionaries: Children solving real-world problems

Confronted with a National problem for Canada’s food banks, students at Fielding Drive Public School implemented a solution: enlisting the support of multiple community partners, students led an awareness campaign to promote “Ottawa’s Most Wanted”, and needed, food donations.  The … Read More