5 Great Reasons for a Career in the Trades: An Evening with Parents and Students

On Feb, 25, 2021 the OCDSB and Innovation and Adolescent Learners, hosted a Q&A session with guest speaker Jon Callegher from JobTalks. 

The evening allowed students and parents to hear why there was job satisfaction in the Trades. Also, students heard what programs (click to see what courses are available at your school) were available at the OCDSB and how these programs could help them develop the skills necessary to embark on a career in the skilled trades.  

The evening had over 300 attendees and well over 1000 people have viewed the video saved on the OCDSB YouTube channel. The feedback has been very positive. Students were able to learn how they can align high school programs in trades and technology to benefit any career path or post-secondary education path they chose. Classes in trades and technology are not only for students wanting to enter a career in the skilled trades.  

The panelists were made up of teachers and central educators. Each of the central educators discussed their portfolios. This provided more options for students interested in skilled trades and what is available at the OCDSB.  If you wish to contact them with further questions please do so.

Lydia Hamilton – Specialist High Skills Major Coordinator  [email protected]

Tanis Haggerty – Dual Credit Coordinator  [email protected]

Richard Grignon – COOP & Pathways Coordinator  – [email protected]

Conor Kehoe – OYAP Coordinator – [email protected]

Greg Hicks – Trades and Technology Coordinator – [email protected] 

One of the questions asked by a student was, “Are technology courses only for students wanting to go into trades?” The evening of questions and answers showed that Trades and Technology courses are for all students not just those looking for a career in trades.  

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